HDPlayer Software Operation InstructionsV3.1The debugging instructions of HDPlayer software are suitable for the debugging of full color control card.
Manual for HDSet softwareV2.0Operation instructions of T901 / VP210/VP410 debugging software
Operation Instructions of LedArt (full color)V5.0Operation instructions of full-color asynchronous card mobile phone
LED display information management platform instruction manualV5.0Operational Instructions for Cloud Platform
HD-VP410 Spec & User ManualV1.03 in 1 Video Processor Operational Instructions
HD VP210 instructionV1.03 in 1 Video Processor Operational Instructions
Manual for S208 Multifunctional Sensor BOXV1.0Temperature, humidity, brightness, PM2.5, PM10, wind speed, wind direction, noise, remote control
HD Show Operating InstructionV1.0HD Show Operating Instruction
HD-A60X_Asyn-Syn_Operare_manualV1.0Simple operation instructions
Manual for Sensor of full-color control cardsV1.3Description of Full-color Control Card Connection (Temperature Sensor, Full-color Function Box S108, Luminance Sensor)
HD-D10 D20 D30 C10 C30 A30 Simple operating manual V1.2V1.2Simple operation instructions
RGB Asynchronous control card Wi-Fi solutionV2.0Operation instructions of full color asynchronous card computer with Wi-Fi control software